December 29, 2017

Copycat (?)

I was very excited about my idea, and immediately developed the challenge guidelines and wrote a first draft for the initial blog post.

Then I realized I should probably google the idea, just in case… and found Andrea Reads America. My heart sank. She’s in the middle of doing the exact same thing – 3 books from each state with a mix of white male, female, and ethnically diverse authors. She’s even got a link to the same Business Insider Most Famous Books map along with some other lovely resources for choosing books.

Now I have a dilemma – do I continue, in the belief that there is room for two such blogs (especially if we choose different books), do I come up with some sort of tweak to make mine more unique, or do I abandon the idea of blogging my literary journey?

Since I am still interested in making the journey myself, and in writing about it, I don’t want to just abandon the idea. My next thought was to wonder if there was some way I could contribute to Andrea’s journey and site, but other than generic comments and suggestions for books there doesn’t appear to be an opportunity for that.

Which led me to my next thought or idea – what if I combined this idea with a book club? What if I not only reviewed the books myself, but opened some of them up for discussion? A blog format is not necessarily the best for a group discussion, but until there is a large group it’s probably manageable.


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