As I was making my book choices for Indiana, I realized that I didn’t have a young adult book. I always seem to choose at least one book that is a young adult or young readers’ book for each state. (Technically, I read 4 young adult books for New Mexico–the two Klages books, the Bruchac […]

I was very excited about my idea, and immediately developed the challenge guidelines and wrote a first draft for the initial blog post. Then I realized I should probably google the idea, just in case… and found Andrea Reads America. My heart sank. She’s in the middle of doing the exact same thing – 3 books […]

I’ve decided – I’m reading my way across the United States. Three to five books set in each state of the US – especially books where the setting becomes another character, and those which deal with some aspect of the people, geography, or history of the state.